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FAQs (For Members & Distributors)

FAQs (For Members & Distributors)

Submission and Notification to FIMM

The Gross Sales of UTS and PRS must be submitted annually within ten (10) calendar days after 31 December.
Yes, you can continue to act as the AR. However, FIMM recommends that a Distributor’s AR is someone whose department handles/manages the Distributor’s agency and/or Consultants. This is to ensure that important information or requisitions are able to be communicated or disseminated efficiently to the relevant department.
There are no requirements under FIMM’s rules that prescribe how often a review must be done. Nonetheless, it is recommended that a review of the policies & procedures be carried out whenever there are material changes.
SUPERFORM is the Application for Registration, is issued right after your company has been incorporated from 1 Feb 2017 onwards.  This document states all basic information of the company such as:
  • Company name and type.
  • Business nature and description.
  • Particulars of directors and shareholders.
  • Information of the person who submitted the incorporation application.
Since this document is only issued once, the information stated will not be updated; hence, you are required to provide additional supporting documents if there are changes in the information since the date of incorporation.
Section 78 previous known as Form 24, is issued once new shares are allotted. It states the information of the new shareholder, the type and class of share issued, and the number of shares issued with its price. A copy of Notification of Change in the Register of Members (Section 51) is required to be submitted as well for change of shareholding.
Section 51 is a document that shows the changes to the shareholding of the company. If there are no changes in shareholders since the company incorporation, your company will not have this document. You can provide the SUPERFORM/ Form 24 to show the shareholders information. If there are changes in shareholders, this document should be provided alongside the SUPERFORM/ Form 24.
Section 58 is required to be submitted if there are changes in managers, directors, or company secretaries of the company. However, Section 58 should be provided alongside the SUPERFORM/ Form 49.

Complaints and Sanctions

All circulars issued by FIMM are available in FIMM’s website. Kindly refer to the following link: 💎ali bet 99://

1. For quarterly reports on complaints received from investors and the general public along with the trend analysis are to be submitted to FIMM’s Supervision department via email (ali bet 99:[email protected]) or by mail to our office address;
2. For specific complaints that requires FIMM’s attention, it should be referred to FIMM’s Legal & Regulatory Affairs department via email ([email protected]); and
3. For complaints that have a recommendation to bar a Consultant from future registration arising from Distributor’s internal investigation, it should be referred to FIMM’s Legal & Regulatory Affairs department via email ([email protected]).

Public reprimands are published on FIMM’s website and via press releases. Kindly refer to the following link:

Distributors are notified before any public reprimand is published by way of a notice of decision by FIMM’s Disciplinary Committee towards the Distributors’ Consultant/ former Consultant.
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